THE OMNIFIRST GROUP is a U.S. based merchant banking and business strategy organization with downstream thinking in high growth market segments bringing financial services, industry leading innovation technologies and capital creation for the healthcare, energy, and telecommunications all under the one-stop umbrella of industry proven skills. 

Lead by the key insights of its Founder, Joseph Caruso, THE OMNIFIRST GROUP has become a dynamic and synergistic pool of 
world class
decision making strategic partners supported by skilled industry veterans operating in an entrepreneurial culture designed to shape and execute strategies that create value at multiple levels in corporate, governmental and international arenas. 

Our quiet success of capital formation in exchange for equity and active governance positions over the last 30 years is directly attributed to our strategic joint venture partners who collectively make the difference in reaching our corporate objectives. 

We are uniquely skilled to make an impact while partnering with management teams as we manage our portfolio companies with an exit portfolio market value of nearly $4.5 Billion. The Omnifirst Group firmly believes that its ability to identify solutions in economic cycles and attract capital to selected investments will continue to be responsive to complex capital markets and credit volatility and will remain dedicated to our active participation in flexible yet opportunistic strategies that will lead to success and the economic competitiveness of our country. With the kind of network reach and sophistication that can only be developed over time, the members of our veteran team brings the advantages of extensive experience to each transaction.  Thanks to our proven abilities the Omnifirst Group enjoys a strong reputation in the marketplace and is well positioned to deliver expedient and successful financial capital and leadership.

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