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 As a Market-Based enterprise, The Omnifirst Group answers the question “WHY”every day: The reason WHY any business should exist. 

Core Value:

To create real and superior value for society leading to a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in healthcare sectors, telecommunications, and strategically important technologies of innovative-rich early stage companies. 


As the vision behind The Omnifirst Group, I align my time with my values. Passionate commitment to results will always determine where and how an organization can create the greatest long-term value with the goal of building high growth, strategically well-positioned businesses with high value-added solutions. 
I am inspired to make a difference in America. I bring great work and innovative thinking into my day and into the world every day. 

As Jim Collins stated in Good to Great, “Great Vision without Great People is irrelevant.” 

Therefore, I assemble the great skill sets comprised of investment and operations professionals with the same values and capabilities in a team of decisive people as the driving force to bring the best work to America first and the world second. 

Value creation involves developing technologies and innovation-based solutions making people’s lives better which contributes to prosperity in society. 

Joseph Caruso
President and CEO

Our “WHY”

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