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Social Responsibility

The partners of OmniStar, LLC are passionately committed to American NOW. We believe that the era of the “offshore America” is over and more and more companies will bring jobs and business back to America. OmniStar is committed to leading the way to reinvent America and to partner with companies to re-purpose assets so together we will help rebuild the American infrastructure and create jobs in America. 

Our commitment to America First is not a corporate buzzword but a way of life that influences our discussions and project selection process built on the premise of less government and more accountability and responsibility. 

This kind of thinking may seem unconventional in these challenging times but as a great corporate citizen OmniStar will take the lead to be efficient, effective, and productive by stripping away management layers, the way America became great in the first place. 

As a result of our resilient commitment to our Core Values, OmniStar will achieve unconventional results because our Core Values affect every decision we made every day. 

We will manage our company and its goals in a more efficient and environmentally friendly was as true stewards of our planet that we share with our neighbors. 

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