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The Omnifirst Group $4.5B market value portfolio requires a fundamental profile offering Omnifirst equity positions with active management requirements. Our primary investment goal is capital appreciation and company building strategies that focus on expanding a company's market position for growth.  

For our capital formation and financial consulting efforts, our long standing policy is to charge no fees in exchange for equity participation. We prefer straightforward investment agreements without complicated defensive terms that can set investors apart from management. 

Omnifirst Capital generates revenues from active management participation and cost controls that increase and optimize business investments. We work every day to turn seasoned experience into tangible, bottom-line results for our partners leveraging our extensive and unique relationship network to create critical market penetration. 

Omnifirst Capital is a forward thinking company and has a diversified track record in strategic planning, financial analysis and performance based objectives with a sophisticated interest in pre-revenue and early stage companies with disruptive business models. 

The Omnifirst Capital team has a proven record that creates, implements and drives financial objectives and revenue growth creating value for its partners and presently is Executive Adviser to a capital markets desk creating a trade platform for mortgage pools, portfolio servicing, and analytics for both Wall Street and the US banking industry. 

Portfolio Companies: 


Strategic Partnership-Omnifirst/Roxburn QMAC

Strategic Partnership-Omnifirst/Roxburn Greater Trenton

Strategic Resource Ventures, LLC 
Trenton Thunder 
CTC Demolition

NPR Capital Asset Management